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DEHNsure benefits through the innovation of HVI

Thatched roofs are a visually pleasing option for African game lodges and other buildings, but they require significant maintenance, including protective measures against the possibility of a fire outbreak.

South Africa is a high lightning zone across vast parts of the country, with some 24 million lightning strikes per year, and direct lightning strikes can cause fires in these highly flammable roofs. Lightning strikes can also cause power surges, damaging electrical equipment and appliances in the same way as a power surge from an electrical utility source. Because they are so potentially flammable compared to other types of roof, the insurance requirements on buildings with thatched roofs can be onerous. Therefore, an insurance company requires the owner of a thatched roof building to take steps to reduce life and fire risk, through the installation of an earthing and lightning protection system.


of thatched roofs with conventional lightning masts still experience lightning damages


the increase of lightning strikes in parts of South Africa over the last years


of electrical and electronic systems are not being protected against lightning and power surges

What if

lightning protection masts
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Introducing DEHNsure


Be DEHNsure during a lightning strike

The DEHNsure concept has received strong support from many insurance underwriters due to the technical expertise offered by DEHN Africa, which is underpinned by over 100 years of lightning protection experience, as well as our confidence in our innovative HVI lightning protection system, and the fact that we allow only trained and accredited installers to install our products.


Only DEHN products are allowed for all parts of the lightning protection system


The design must be carried out, or accepted by, DEHN Africa


DEHN Africa or our appointed inspector has to issue an acceptance certificate


The installation has to be completed by a DEHN-certified installer


Evolution of lightning protection methodologies

DEHN’s high-voltage-resistant insulated (HVI) lightning protection system combines aesthetics and functionality in a different way of protecting thatched roofs. DEHN’s HVI technology, which has been in the global market for over 15 years, takes away the need for a separate conventional free-standing mast. It has also been proven to be very cost-effective both from an installation and maintenance point of view.

DEHN’s HVI technology has been available locally for some five years or so and offers an innovative way to protect thatched roofs from lightning strikes.

HVI masts comply to the latest SANS 62561 product standards.


DEHN HVI Isolated lightning protection system

Nearby lightning strikes cause transient voltage impulses, otherwise known as surges, on the supply lines of the building. These voltage impulses can reach several thousand volts. Failure of these systems would bring business operations to a standstill, since all work processes depend on these systems. Surge arresters, together with proper bonding methods, are required to protect these electrical and electronic systems.

Thatch House
Thatch House

Client Testimonials

As you are aware, for many years now we have struggled with lightning damage on the Estate which has led us to investigate lightning protection options other than conventional lightning masts. After some investigation we came across DEHN’s HVI solution, which not only addressed the question of effectiveness but is also far more aesthetically pleasing than conventional masts.

HVI is a high quality, tested product, is easy to install, has less risk in terms of rigging and can carry more than 100 000 volts without discharging to other equipment. If it's installed properly, there is no corrosion that can take place, therefore having good connections all the time. HD (Pty) Ltd. earthing & lighting protection is very impressed about the introduction of HVI.

Lightning protection innovation for thatched roofs